Dodt Design
Photography & Graphic Design by Lorette Dodt
About Me

As long as  I can remember Photography has been my true art. I received my first camera for my 9th birthday and have been shooting ever since. At 14, I taught my first course in photography to a group of young summer camp elementary students and was hooked on sharing the art of painting with light. Today, as an author and college teacher I am still happiest when I am out  shooting.

If you are interested in purchasing a photo from my collection, most are for sale in a variety of sizes and prices. There are many more than I was able to show here, so you may want to meet with me to view my portfolio. I am also available for portraiture shoots. My style uses natural lighting and environments, but I can also create studio-based portraits. Check some of my portraits below. These images are not for sale, but show the style of images I like to create.

For more information about my work complete the reply form under the Contact Me page, or write to me at:

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